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Desmond Henry

Follower of Christ, Husband to Lara Henry, Father to three incredible young ladies, Missiologist, Pastor, Church Consultant, and Teacher.

One God- One Gospel- One Life- One Mission

Desmond, Des, Dr 'Danger' Des (as he's fondly known to some of his students) is a follower of Christ, a Husband to a gorgeous wife, Lara Henry, and a Father to three incredible young ladies: Gabriella, Annabella and Olivia. If you would ask him what defines his life, you would come to see that he is passionate about serving God's mission and equipping disciples of Christ globally to become multipliers and leaders in their own right. Some say: 'God loves you and Dr Des has a plan for your life'. This may be true, as Desmond's current role at BTC Southern Africa is that of Missiologist and Registrar (Provost), where he serves to 'Equip Believers for Ministry' at a World-class African Seminary.
  Some history (if you're interested); Des graduated with a Bachelor of Theology (cum laude) from the Baptist Theological College in Johannesburg, South Africa while serving as Associate Pastor at Grace Community Church in Fourways. After qualifying, Lara and Des accepted a call to the Open Baptist Church in Gaborone, Botswana, where he served as an Associate Pastor in a large church with a vibrant mission vision that supported many missionaries and planted churches. During his tenure at OBC, Desmond completed a Master of Arts degree at the University of Pretoria in the field of Missiology, studying the correlation between a missional ecclesiology and African Independent type churches. In Botswana, he initiated an internship program that partnered with Dr. Phil Roberts (Midwestern Baptist Seminary) and Prof. Martin Pohlmann from Baptist Theological College to promote evangelical theological education within Botswana, and they commenced with a student cohort that grew to around 25 before he left.  Des was involved in the development of OBC's missions thrust under the leadership of Pastor Norman Schaeffer (whom he considers a father, in the Lord). During this time, the church thrived, and missions grew substantially through a partnership with a consortium of global churches and organizations. One such program, his wife Lara was involved with as Treasurer, was Face the Nation. Des has served as a lecturer in ‘Face the Nation’ training students from the University of Botswana for peer-based ministry in high schools throughout Botswana. This initiative won the Bill Hybel’s Courageous Leadership award in 2008 for being the most innovative Faith-based ministry to people with HIV in Africa. Well done to the incredible team for their efforts!   Desmond currently serves as Registrar and Missiologist for the Baptist Theological College in Johannesburg and obtained a Doctoral degree from the University of Pretoria in the field of Missiology because of his commitment to God’s mission and building healthy churches. Desmond has a robust involvement in church life and academics- seeing these two aspects are inter-related. He is the author of ‘Quintessential Mission’ and has contributed to some academic journals while serving as a peer reviewer for Missionalia, Verbum et Ecclesia and the South African Baptist Journal of Theology.   Desmond currently serves as the Moderator (Interim Lead Pastor) of Ridgecrest Family Church, where he has been strategically involved in the revitalization of a local church he helped to plant with Pastor Norman and Gabi Schaefer nearly 15 years ago. God has brought together an incredible pastoral and staff team that serve the Lord tirelessly and impact the local community. God keeps blessing the work, and the growth of the church is evidenced by new commitments to Christ, increased growth, and a growing and committed leadership team. May this website be a great blessing to you as you engage with Desmond and may it provoke you toward love and Good Deeds. Romans 15:20 is a central verse relating to Desmond's call: "It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known, so that I would not be building on someone else’s foundation.”  


In 2010 Desmond published Quintessential Mission (1st Edition) in response to the deep need for dialogue around a missional ecclesiology in Southern Africa. This book in undergoing major revisions and will be republished in 2018 as a second revision.   0001    

Published Articles

Henry, D. 2010. Towards an Afrocentric Missiology. South African Baptist Journal of Theology 19, 104‐115.  Henry, D., 2011, ‘A Vision for the Sending of the Church in Botswana’, Verbum et Ecclesia 32(1), 8 pages.  Henry, D., 2014, ‘Waves of Mission among South African Baptists’, Verbum et Ecclesia 35 (1), 8 pages.  Henry, D. , 2015, Applied Mixed-methods Research within BUSA (1994-‐2012), HTS Vol 71, No 2, 10 pages .  Henry, D., 2016, Reflections on a Missional Ecclesiology for Africa’s Expressions of Christianity Through the Tswana Lens, Verbum et Ecclesia 37 (1), 8 pages. 
Henry, D. & Malan, J., 2017, ‘Considering the this-worldly religious focus of the African traditional worldview as found in South Africa’,Verbum et Ecclesia 38(1), a1742. https://doi.org/ 10.4102/ve.v38i1.1742
Henry, D & Soal, D. 2017. The Reversal of Babel: A Pneumatological Rationale for Multi-Cultural Local Churches in an Intercultural and Globalized World. Verbum et Ecclesia (Awaiting final publication).  Henry, D., 2018, Evangelism, Ministry and Missional Tribes Within A Rainbow Nation, (awaiting publication)  Henry, D., 2018, Missio Dei, Missio Ecclesiae and Missio me, (awaiting publication).   


- Guest Professor, Wheaton College Graduate School (Billy Graham Center). -Research Associate, University of Pretoria & North-West University  -Senior Lecturer, NorthWest University (Ph.D. and M.Th. Programs)   


  • South African Missiology Society
  • International Association of Mission Studies
  • American Society of Missiology


“Architecture for the missional Church in Southern Africa”, University of the Orange Free State, January 2010. “Waves of Baptist Mission in South Africa”, September 2012, University of Pretoria.  “Evangelical Theological Education”, World Council of Churches Cape Town Consultation, July 2016.   

The primary purpose of this blog is to serve as a resource and provoke Believers toward love and good deeds. This is a personal page, where I share my own thoughts and ideas and do not represent any institution or their official views on this website.